29th March Ride (and some nutrition tips)

27 03 2009

Following on from the previous post 6 members of the club will be participating in the Cheshire Cat Sportif on Sunday.  

It’s a tough ride with some hard climbs so fueling up could be key….

See attached link on nutrition before a long ride.  Here’s an extract:

Nutrition is key

Three days before your big ride

  • Reduce your intake of fats – so no fried food, chips or burgers. Instead concentrate on pasta, rice, cereals, bread, noodles or potatoes
  • For breakfast: Think cereals and fruit
  • For both lunch and dinner: Try and stick to starchy foods with vegetables

It probably sounds rather filling, but at least 70 per cent of your calorie intake in the days immediately before a big event should be made up of energy boosting carbohydrates.

  • Recommended carb intake (grams) per day: Your weight (kg) x 8

Here is the full article


For those not riding this event and would like to meet as normal please drop a comment on the site and/or drop email out.



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