Tim in Mountain Bike action

21 05 2009

Tim took part in what seems to be quite an event last weekend – his report below:

Merida Marathon Report – Crickhowell Brecon Beacons National Park – riding on the Black Mountains

Tim and about 900 other riders on  4 routes 35k, 50k, 70k or 80k

Before the off

There were about 200 of us in the 80k run


Very wet very cold and very injured – big muscle pull at 55k point of 80!!  Had to retire

Weather had been awful but rain stopped just before start – see pics

2 and 1/2 hours in rain re started – visibility 30 m max temp down to about 2 degrees mud and rain were awful

Pretty sure the scenery was beautiful – just couldn’t see it

Brake pads were completely shot within 2 hours metal to metal is not too effective at times – £30 bites the dust(or mud in this case)


But all great fun and I was going really well – not many people were getting past me – however in an unrideable section whilst carrying the bike down hill I lost my footing and something went twang big time in my right thigh – ouch

Managed to “limp” back to HQ via the roads having to ride one legged for about a mile before I could put any load on the bad leg

3hours 45mins to do 55k – conditions were pretty grim

Back at HQCovered in mud and very cold but a good day all the same – luckily Nikki came with me and was able to drive me home

Can’t wait for the next one – Midlands XC Series – Swynnerton Park in June – shorter circuit racing rather than enduro



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