Etape Du Tour 2009

17 06 2009

As you may have seen in the Chronicle – Rob, Ed Tim R and Philip are taking part in this year’s Etape Du Tour.  It’s a timed event over a stage of the actual Tour De France.  

  • Distance: 172km (107 miles)
  • Cols: 4 (plus Ventoux)

It starts in Montelimar in Provence and finishes on the giant Mont Ventouxelusive-branding

  • Start: Bedoin 280m
  • Finish Altitude: 1912m
  • Climb distance: 21.6km (13 miles)
  • Average gradient: 7.8%

View from the top

The route takes in some of the best Provencal countryside however the riders do not have much time to look at the views as there is a time limit in which to complete the course. Riders who fall behind the schedule are unceremoniously removed from the ride.

Given the boys don’t want to end up in the broom wagon they have been putting in some extra miles recently to ensure success.

Allez Les Audlems



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