ACC Winter Training – Spin Classes starting 4th November

1 11 2009

Spinning BikeMany of you will remember that last winter we ran a series of our very own Spinning Training Sessions held at Shavington Sports Centre.

These classes proved very popular, as a way of helping maintain fitness and strength over the winter months. There have been several requests to see them return:

Therefore classes will resume next Wednesday 4th November, breaking for our Sports Nutrition Seminar on the 11th, and returning 19th then to run through the winter months.

These classes will be held solely for Audlem Club Cycling members and their families, there spin studio holds 17 bikes, which should be enough to accommodate those that are interested, however, if the classes prove v-popular we may need to introduce a booking system.

Classes start at 8.15, but best to get there for 8pm providing time to set up your bike and warm up. The bikes are fitted with clip pedals, you can fit your own pedals if you prefer to use cleated , for this you’ll need a 15mm pedal spanner.

Each session will costs £3.90 per person, which includes for the use of the bikes, our instructor, changing rooms and showers.

Spinning, although not as exhilarating as the real thing, is an effective work-out; the classes consist mostly high intensity exercises, which are designed to maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as incorporating some specific strength and stamina exercises. The classes are performed to music, with a good group they can be fun, productive and satisfying.

We hope to see many of you there this week



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