Audax Events

4 05 2010

For those of you not familiar with an Audax event….Audax is the latin word for “bold” and was first used in the context of endurance events.Audax UK is the long distance cycling association both in UK and the world. An Audax is a long distance cycling event (it is not a race) that is usually ridden over 100km /200km.The events are timed by using a system of checkpoints.  At the start of the event you receive a “Brevet” card or certificate which gets stamped at each checkpoint.  Your time is measured from when you start to when you finish. There are no allowances for stops .  These events attract cyclists fromracing, touring and recreational backgrounds. Events cost around £4.50  and to enter an event go to Audax UK website, click on Calender page scroll & down the events . Entries usually need to be sent 2 weeks before the event date.  I am sure you will find the routes enjoyable ,challenging and scenic.   I have listed a few local events that you may be interested in entering (see Events page). If you want further details/information please call  Ian Middleton 01270781223/01270780107



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