Audlem CC at Manchester Velodrome

29 11 2010

Sunday afternoon at 4pm – 16 club members arrived at the Manchester Velodrome for a 1 hour track taster session – a degree of excitement,  a degree of fear and 42 degrees of banking on the corners!!

The event – organised by Gavin Collier for our junior members – was aimed to expose our roadies, mountain bikers and less frequent riders to the pleasures of single speed fixed wheel excitement on the fast steep boards of Britain’s premier indoor velodrome.   Three of those present had ridden there before so they were straight out onto the track  on or above the blue line whilst the newcomers were given their safety briefing and some initial instruction.  A few moments later they were riding steadily on the “cote d’azur” getting used to the feel of the “fixie”.    Happy with stopping and starting they were then sent up onto the track riding at a steady pace on the black and red lines.    Our coaches for the session (and we got three for the price of one!) were soon satisfied that everyone was confident enough to progress higher up the track and before long riders were circling at different speeds and positions paying careful attention to all around and mindful of the “keep pedalling” mantra – too slow on those steep corners and you’ll be sliding down with a few splinters where they are not needed!

To conclude the session a 250m, 1 lap, flying time trial was arranged with excellent times posted by all riders.

To say everyone enjoyed the session is a huge understatement – the smiles on peoples faces – their sense of achievement – the fun – the buzz – and most of all the desire for people to come and do it again.  It was also interesting to hear some of our seasoned, senior racers say they didn’t realise how hard track riding was – roadies!!!.

Thanks to all who took part and special thanks to Gavin for setting the afternoon up(More picture on the photos page)



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