Sleepless in the Saddle 2011

5 09 2011

AudlemCC entered a four man team in this years SITS 24hr MTB race. Dave Cooper, George Pennel, Tom Capper & Dan Tomlinson competed in in the Enthusiast Men catagory. The race started at 2pm on Saturday in bright sunshine with Tom Capper completing the 1/2 mile run and Le Mans start followed in turn by Dan, Dave and George. Handovers took place after each lap with a lap taking around fifty minutes, for the next 24hrs. At around 6pm, there was a heavy downpour which turned the course into the consistency of ‘peanut butter’ according to Dave who was unlucky enough to find himself out when conditions were at their worst. The course quickly dried and lap times came back down through the night and by late morning the course was as quick as the previous afternoon. At 2:15 pm on Sunday afternoon George completed the team’s final lap. We were very luck to have no crashes or mechanicals throughout the race, and handovers were on time and swift. Each team member completed 7 laps, but due to a timing error one lap was not recorded and only 27 laps were counted not 28 the team had done. Audlem were recorded as finishing 40th out of 102 teams. It was worked out that if all the laps had been recorded Audlem would have finished 32nd  – not bad when 3 of the team hadn’t done a 24hr race before!



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