Hill Climb and Downhill Competition – a date for the diary

15 09 2011

Sunday 16th October is the date to get your climbing head on as we will hold our annual Hill Climb competition.    We are having a change of venue this year moving from the climb into Chipnall to slopes a little closer to home on the way to Norton in Hales.   The event will held as part of the route planned for the day and will take the format of an individual timed run up the climb.     As with all climbs “what goes up must come down” so on the homeward leg of the ride we will hold our first “Downhill” competition – using the same route we lugged our way up ,  we freewheel down with the winner being the one who can go furthest.  It is possible to get to the end of Highfields Farm drive so there’s a challenge!!  Don’t worry we’ll make sure you wont be able to do any sneaky pedalling – zip ties are wonderful things.  Both events are sure to be a bit of fun with gravity working for and against you – a chance for everyone to be succesful.  The ride will leave the Square at 9 as usual – see you there



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