Club Runs – a few do’s, dont’s,hints and tips

25 09 2011

A few points  regarding club runs that you should read and follow;

The backbone of any cycling club is its members and the camaraderie that is present when a group are out on the road together.  One of the most frequent times this occurs is on the Sunday club run – part of being a cyclist that some don’t quite fully understand.  As the winter draws ever closer our numbers on club runs will increase as those who have been racing in one form or another throughout the summer return to the fold.

Please take the time to read the following as it will help explain a few things and should make everyone’s ride a whole lot more enjoyable and will clearly demonstrate Audlem Cycling Club as being a professional outfit when we are out in group of two or twenty

Club runs are just that – a “Club run” – they are NOT a race and they are NOT an intense training ride.   They ARE a ride where ALLride as a group.   There should be no flying off the front without thought for the other riders.  ALL riders are responsible for each other whilst on the road    Climbs should be taken at a reasonable pace and should not be considered an opportunity to spit riders out of the bunch.   The group should, where practical to do so, ride in twos as a tight group – this will reduce effort levels by up to 40%!  No “half wheeling” – please ride directly alongside each other.   Effort and turns can be shared by careful changes in a “through and off” pattern.     The designated ride leader has enough to manage without having to organise riders who cannot follow a few simple requests to stay together as a group.    Shooting off the front does NOT make the ride quicker – it actually slows it down for all involved as constant stopping, regrouping and “rescuing” riders who don’t know where they are going lowers average speed, is frustrating and unnecessary.   If you require intense training rides these should be done at some other time in the week.   The weather is only going to get worse so to be fair to yourself and your colleagues please get some mudguards fitted otherwise you will be banished to the back of the group!!   It’s time to ditch those lightweight summer tyres too so to reduce the likelehood of punctures think about fitting some tougher boots such as Continental Gatorskins – they may be a bit heavier but you know it makes sense.   If someone is unlucky enough to puncture it is only courteous  for all riders to wait and help – please don’t ride off into the distance and then wait miles up the road wondering what is going on    (Click here to learn more about “through and off”)

Thanks for taking time to read this article – Audlem CC is a quality club – let’s make it even better!




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