What a great club run, we even had a fly past by the Red Arrows.

23 06 2012

Twelve riders set out from the Butter Market in Audlem, no one was quite sure about the exact route of the Shropshire loop so it was decided to head out towards Sleap Aerodrome just south of Wem.
Frank(Egerton) willingly volunteered to lead the ride and would basically make it up as he went along. We headed up to Ightfield and turned off in the direction of Tilstock. Now the magical mystery tour began with Frank displaying his unrivalled knowledge of the lanes and back roads of North Shropshire. We emerged on the main road at Fauls Green and began heading south towards Hodnet.
At this point we were treated to the sight of the Red Arrows flying past parallel to the ride. What a brilliant sight they must have been thinking as they looked down to see the Audlem Cycling club riding in perfect formation, smartly turned out in their club regalia, bikes glistening in the sun – what sun?
Not far on we turned off the main road into unfamiliar territory. Leafy lanes and steep winding descents and fantastic views in the vicinity of Hawkstone Park and Weston under Redcastle made for very interesting and enjoyable riding. We moved on and eventually emerged near to Preston Brockhurst on the A49 north of Shrewsbury. We rode through the picturesque village of Grinshill and climbed over a few lumpy bits, through Yorton soon after arriving at our destination for a welcome break and a cup of coffee.
The return ride was equally as enjoyable, being a little flatter the pace increased a little but was still comfortable for all riders. Taking in Whixall and Alkington and eventually emerging in Whitchurch. Here some riders split off, the main group heading to Ash and eventually Audlem with myself and Jon Rap heading towards Marbury.
The pace of the ride was brisk enough to help people build their fitness but never too fast and always manageable making this a very enjoyable and sociable event for all riders. Just what a club run is supposed to be!

Big thanks must go to Frank for making this a great and varied ride.

Andy Mason



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