A plea for your support from Jon Parton….please read on

11 03 2013

Please take the time to read this message we have received from club member Jon Parton

I’m running the London Marathon in April in aid of 2 charities (details & background below) – any chance you could put something up on the club website


Early during 2012 my fiance Nicki was diagnosed with kidney cancer. This bombshell came on the back of her also having to live with the day to day effects of having both crohns and colitis. Being saddled with only one of these would be a life changing event for most people let alone all three, however she has fought hard against the diseases and over the years has continued to put her family first and has never used her illnesses as an excuse to mope around – rather she has tried to live life to the full and as much as possible not let these problems take over her life.

Thankfully the battle against the cancer was a successful one and she is also winning her fights against her other two foes. She is truly an inspiration to me, so when I secured a place in the London Marathon for April 2013 I decided I would run it in aid of 2 charities who strive to rid us of the illnesses that have affected her – Crohn’s & Colitis UK and James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer. Please follow the link below to sponsor me for next years run- all monies I raise will split equally between the 2 charities. No one should have to live with or suffer the effects of any of these illnesses – let alone 3. Please give generously.



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