The Mallorca Tour Report

16 04 2013

Trip organiser Dominic Crisp sends his musings on the 2013 Mallorca TripMallorca group 13         There were 7 of us who headed out to Mallorca for this years 4 day training camp, Coxey isn’t in the picture, he had already beaten us up Sa Colobra and was having a cup of tea at the top…!             Here is a brief account of how our trip went:-

Day 1:- The group all went off together from Puerto Pollenca and headed south through Sa Pobla and on to Petra for lunch.  Those who have been to Mallorca before will know that Petra is a haven for cyclists. After lunch dark clouds soon surrounded us which eventually turned in to torrential rain which went on for about half an hour during which time the group took shelter until it went off.   When we eventually set off again the group was split between the fast and the medium groups. No more than 10 minutes after setting off again we were riding in to a scene which could only be described as something from the film The Day After Tomorrow-the sky was black! The heavens opened again but this time even it was worse than ever, Paul Baptist and myself took shelter in a disused barn with the rest of the fast group whilst a storm went on around us with hail like golf balls falling from the sky. After half an hour or so the storm passed. Setting of once again the fast paced group really did live up to its name, the group spun off at 23mph and this was held for the next hour and half until coming in to Alcudia and eventually in to Porto Pollensa followed closely behind by the other riders in the other groups. The ride was 65 miles in total but in conditions I have never ridden in before, certainly gave us all something to talk about at the bar that night.

 Day 2:- Really bad weather was forecast for the day so we decided to stay at the hotel and wait for a window of opportunity to go out for a spin. Whilst sitting in Tolos Restaurant having a spot of lunch and with weather was no better  we decided rather that waste the day we would go back to the hotel and have a turbo session on the spin bikes in the gym.  An hour or two later and the weather was just starting to clear so we went for a spin up along the bay road to Alcudia and back.  We then went up to the view point at Formentor, 3 carried on to the light house and the others went back to the hotel. It seems the decision to carry on up to the lighthouse was the right choice as on their way down one of the descents they only went past Mr Wiggins who was out there training for the weekend being closely followed by a Team Sky car!!

 Day 3:- Today we decided as a group that we were going to head off and do our own thing as we wanted to spend some time in the mountains.  The route we had chosen was to head for Inca  via Sa Pobla and then head up to the Lluc Monastery by riding up the Selva Pass which is about a 12k climb at around 7.5%. From there we rode out towards Sa Colobra, after riding 10k and climbing up a further 2k we where ready to descend to Sa Colobra. This climb is 10k at an average of 7-8% and goes all the way down to sea level, the total elevation is just under 700m.   After safely descending all the way to the bottom we refuelled with paella & pasta and got ready to make the climb back up. Everyone made it up in good time and regrouped at the top, posed for a quick photo and then headed back to Puerto Pollensa down the MA10 which is mostly down hill all the way. The ride was 75 miles in total with an elevation gain of just shy of 7,000ft. Not a bad day in the saddle!

Day 4:- This was the last day as we were due to be collected from the hotel at 5.30pm for our transfer to the airport. With that in mind we decided to head out with Burgers(Gary Hinds) – a friend of Tim’s (Chairman) – who was leading a group out to Santa Maria for lunch. After another great re-fueling stop we headed back Puerto Pollensa way, but went back over the Selva Pass which was most welcome as we all wanted to get another climb in before going home. Today’s ride was 66 miles and had an elevation gain of 3,200ft. A great way to finish off a great trip.



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