Siverstone 24Hr Cycling Grand Prix

18 05 2013

At the Club’s most recent committee meeting, it was suggested that there may be interest by members in participating in Logo_4_with_datethis 24 hour endurance event on the 14th and 15th September.   Two of our club members (Eric Wilkinson and Dave Cooper) have already completed – for the last 2 years – in the Le Mans 24 hour event in France which is held on a very similar basis and would thoroughly recommend it as a great event and experience in which to participate.   Competitors of all standards take part.  This event is organised by British Cycling and details can be found on their website   The basic concept is for a team of 4 riders to cover the greatest distance on the track in 24 hours – having only 1 rider on the track at any time.    It is expensive to enter, so the club is proposing to subsidise the entry fee. However, we need to get some idea of who would be interested in participating and obviously how we would select the riders should we be oversubscribed.

Anyone wanting to know more details should contact Eric Wilkinson on 01948 665996. The committee think this would be a great opportunity to extend the scope of the Club’s activities, but it’s you the members who will decide that.



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