Chain Gang sessions return

8 04 2014

Chain Gang sessions are re-starting this Thursday 10th April at 7pm sharp.  Meet at the White Lion Hankelow to BicycleChainGangAnimationtrain on the road race circuit.   Groups will be created based upon numbers,  speed and ability.  If done properly these sessions provide opportunities for great training and skills improvement for all.

Remember the basic rules;

– communicate with each other

– when you “come through” DON’T speed up!  Maintain your speed – it’s those on the outside who ease off.   Speeding up just causes the whole thing to fall apart

– if you are struggling miss a turn an “sit in” – communicate this to the rest of the group!

– stick on the wheel in front – allowing gaps to form makes the effort levels so much higher

– if in doubt ask and start in a steadier group – we don’t want to blow people out within the first mile!

– if someone wants to just ride off the front of the group don’t chase – let them go and   maintain the chain.  They’ll soon realise they’re on there own and hopefully will drop back – if not don’t worry because it’s a chain gang NOT a race!



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