29 12 2015

Following an unfortunate incident in Ellesmere at the weekend when a driver and his passenger decided to give our riders a Angry Driver2
great deal of verbal grief and also drove in a very dangerous fashion that could have caused  serious injury to riders and other motorists.  In the heat of the moment it is difficult not to respond aggressively but, could I ask that ALL club riders, when in club colours and/or representing the club in any way, follow these simple steps-

1 – DO NOT swear or gesticulate offensively at ANY motorist (if you do, you/we  have immediately lost all dignity and credibility)

2 – If you can,  take registration number(s) of any vehicles involved + a brief description of those in the vehicle (age, gender, clothing etc)

3 – If you can, engage them in POLITE conversation and invite them to discuss the situation at a safe and convenient location (eg; lay by, car park etc)

4 – If necessary, report the incident to the appropriate Police force

5 – Please pass on the information to a club official – see the Contacts page

Thankfully the incident in Ellesmere resulted in no injuries and all our riders behaved impeccably with no swearing or rude gesturing AND it did result in us reporting it to the Police who are to take appropriate action against the driver and his passenger

By riding sensibly, adopting the points above and behaving appropriately Audlem CC remains  highly regarded and very creditable

Many thanks for reading and adopting these points





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