14 06 2017

Not long now until our July Series kicks off.   Promoted under TLI rules and regulations the races will be on the four Tuesday’s Website 2 Audlem CC front 2in July 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th   each race will be 30 miles in length and races will be age categorized dependent upon number of entries we receive

Race HQ is the Scout and Guide Hall (CW3 0AH) which will be open from 6pm for signing on

All riders wishing to take part must be full TLI members – postal entries to Tim Ball – full details are on the TLI website      Entry on the day is available but conditions apply – again see the TLI website

If anyone is available to help out with some marshaling please let Tim Ball know – your help is greatly appreciated and we will make sure you get some free refreshments after the event – please arrive at the Scout Hall for 6-15pm for a full briefing

Rider entries and marshal rotas will be published nearer the first event


By way of a reminder – a few points are shown below for everyone to peruse – thanks

  • Please note; we will not be accepting substitute marshals (family members, friends etc)  Race 3 – marshal 1
  • Any full member entries on the day will marshal the first event you sign up for (please bring a completed entry form – no form no race sorry.  There will be no forms for you to fill in at race HQ)
  • the circuit used will be at the race organiser’s discretion and may change as necessary (eg; road works, weather etc)



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