AUDLEM CC July Series – MARSHAL ROTA and race info

28 06 2018

The 2018 July Series is just around the corner – let’s hope this perfect weather continues

The 4 events take place on Tuesday 3rd, 10th 17th and 24 July

To ensure you know when you are racing or marshalling please make sure you look closely at the Audlem CC July Series – MARSHAL ROTA v3

A marshal briefing will take place at  the HQ each week at 6-30pm – please arrive promptly for this

As a trial this year we have attempted, with a few exceptions, to leave race groups and categories as complete as we can and have taken whole groups/categories of riders out to perform marshalling/support duties (wherever possible all requests have been agreed)  We feel this will give more balanced and compete groups in each age category

As usual the Bike Marshals will be providing there invaluable support to help the event go safely for all

Event HQ is the Audlem Scout and Guide Hall, CW3 0AH, and as usual the Guides and Brownies will be benefiting from our events thanks to the donations received for the post race refreshments

At 6-50pm each week races will be proceeded by a thorough briefing to riders by race officials and Bike Marshals – please be there promptly – note riders WILL be reminded of the importance of their safety and the safety of other road users !!

Woore Circuit

Races will depart the car park at 7pm    The ‘default course’ for all 4 events is the Woore Circuit – 2 laps of 15 miles – we will use the Lightwood Green circuit only when forced to do so

We look forward to 4 weeks of enjoyable, fast and safe racing

Lightwood Green Circuit



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